Our third, and final program here at Rocky Mountain Care Foundation is the Do Unto Others program. The Do Unto Others program provides critical, yet minor home repairs free of charge to low income seniors living in the Davis County area. We aim to keep individuals in their homes, living independently, as long as possible and our hope is that the Do Unto Others program will help subsidize the need for relocation in assisted living facilities.

With the amazing generosity of our screened and experienced handymen, we are able to bring these services to members of our community completely FREE of charge.

Some minor home repairs we can help with include:



– Fixing leaky pipes and faucets

– Replacing fixtures

– Clearing clogged drains

– Replacing broken toilets and sinks



– Replacing broken switched, sockets, and fixtures

– Installing smoke detectors and/or carbon monoxide detectors



– Rebuilding broken steps

– Repairing unsafe porches

– Repairing fences and gates

– Installing locks and deadbolts



– Limited weatherization

– Seasonal yard work

– Holiday lighting


If you or anyone you know requires assistance with any of the services listed above, please contact us here at RMCF. You can reach us at 801-397-4163, at Rebecca.Simmons@rmcare.com or you can fill out the DUO application online at www.rockymountaincarefoundation.org. Also, for more information about how you can get involved and help seniors living in your community please contact us as well, we are always in need of volunteers!

Remember, sometimes a neighbors independence depends on you!


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