We call it the Good Deeds Challenge and our goal is to bring a love of community service to elementary age children throughout the state! Here at the Rocky Mountain Care Foundation we are passionate about service and we want to help instill that passion in children early on.

We want to challenge elementary age children to learn about the value of community service and the impact it has on others within their community.Past projects we have completed with elementary schools and youth groups include:

Writing letters to veterans

Making holiday cards for the elderly

Helping with school yard clean-up

Participating in Operation Cozy Toes

Creating heart butterflies with kids at Primary Children’s Hospital



As the new school year approaches this is a perfect opportunity to involve your school!  The Rocky Mountain Care Foundation will fully fund the service project, offer hands-on assistance during the project, and provide each child with an certificate of appreciation. The sky is the limit- whether you want to stick with a past project we have completed or create a specialized project to fit the needs of your school, we are here to help!

If you are interested in collaborating with the Foundation, please contact us directly at 801-397-4163 or email Rebecca.Simmons@rmcare.com to get the ball rolling!

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