Here at RMCF we are currently running a campaign to raise $100,000 per year in employee payroll donations alone! If we are able to accomplish this goal by September 2016- our parent company’s CEO, Dee Bangerter, has pledged an additional $25,000 donation! You can imagine just how huge this is to us- we are super pumped about it, but we want YOU to be just as excited and driven about RMCF reaching our goal as we are!

In order to reach our goal we need each and every single employee to make a reoccurring payroll donation of $2.50 per paycheck- that’s a $5.00 monthly donation total. Seems pretty doable right? Maybe not? $5.00 a month really isn’t a whole lot of money ($60 per year- Oh! And it’s all tax deductible!), and to be honest when the two of us here at the foundation signed up for deductions we didn’t even notice the extra money coming out of our checks! BUT it makes ALL the difference in the world to the patients that we help every day.

Your $60.00 a year will pay for an eye exam and glasses for that little old lady who can no longer see her grandchildrens faces. Your $60.00 a year will cover 1/8 of a set of dentures for the man who hasn’t eaten solid food in years because he has had to pay for his medications instead of getting dentures. Your $60.00 a year will cover 1/4 of the cost of a set of hearing aids for the young girl who can’t fully hear her teacher’s lesson and is falling behind in school. Now imagine if all 2,000 of our employees here at RMC made that $60 donation- how many pairs of glasses, dentures and hearing aids would that cover? Your $60.00 a year really DOES make a difference.

Still not convinced? Here is a list of things that cost $5.00 that you could give up ONCE A MONTH to cover the cost of your monthly donation:

  • ANY Venti sized drink at Starbucks- even some Trenta sized ones!…..$4.75/beverage
  • McDonald’s Big Mac Meal…..$5.69
  • Large Red Bull Energy Drink….$4.25 (with tax)
  • Two 44 oz. Dirty Diet Cokes from Fiiz Drinks…..$2.50/each…$5.00 total
  • Einstein Bagels Egg Breakfast Sandwich…..$4.89
  • FootLong Sandwich from Subway…..$5.00
  • Panda Express 1 Side & 2 Entrees Meal…..$6.80
  • Little Caesars Pepperoni Pizza…..$5.00

Just by skipping ONE of your small daily purchases a month, you could help someone see, hear and even eat. Please help us reach our goal- you really are the difference in someones life.

Brandie Evans

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