Elements of a Perfect Game of Golf

By May 23, 2017 Events, Fundraiser

We hope you’re ready for this year’s golf tournament, because we certainly are! But in case you need some tips, here’s what you’ll need to play a perfect game of golf. 

Element 1 – A Great Course

A course with well-manicured fairways and turf is essential. This year, we’re lucky to play-through at Bountiful Ridge Golf Club, a stunning, mature course overlooking the Salt Lake Valley. Other variables to consider when choosing a course include the pars; are they playable in a variety of lengths and directions? And consider the hazards: golf courses are carefully designed, so ask yourself why the architect might have placed the bunker or water feature where it is, and play accordingly using the right equipment. Speaking of which…

Element 2 – Handy Equipment

You can’t play golf without the right equipment. Imagine swinging a golf ball with a baseball bat: you wouldn’t get the drive or the depth you need from the shot. That’s why it’s important to have a range of clubs specifically designed to give you different types of shots, like drivers for long shots, or putters for, well, putting! Once you’ve chosen the right club, get a feel for the swing in relation to the shot. Practice.

Bountiful Ridge Golf Club’s stunning water feature at their 8th hole.

If you’re an avid golfer–or especially if you’re just starting out–a golf glove can save your swing, and your fingers. A glove makes your grip less likely to slip when taking your shot, and the extra cushion between your hands and the club handle can prevent blistering, a result of friction combined with sweaty fingers.

Element 3 – Steady Technique

You can’t win if you ain’t got game! We compiled a list of techniques in our previous post dedicated just to this. Golf Tips magazine also has great insight to achieving the perfect swing. Highlights include keeping your hands low, using your body for power, and hinging your wrists for even more power. Check them out!

Element 4 – A Winner’s Cause

Winning is great, but winning for a cause is even better. Our Annual Lee R Bangerter Memorial Golf Tournament is hands-down our most successful fundraiser of the year, and it’s all thanks to our sponsors and participants. We hope you’ll join us on June 21st, 2017, the highlight of our summer!


Interested in a sponsorship or forming a team? Contact us at Foundation@rmcare.com for details.






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