Beginning the last week of July and running through the first week of September of this year, Rocky Mountain Care Foundation held the 1st Annual Art Drive benefiting Primary Children’s Hospital. We asked our Rocky Mountain Care family, our associates, our Facebook and Instagram followers and our own friends and family to donate any and all art & craft supplies that they could. And boy, did we have an amazing turnout! Our fabulous donors beyond exceeded our expectations, and they helped us create so many smiles in the process! We would like to thank everyone who donated and helped spread the word about our drive. We literally could not do any of this without you all. Now, on to the amazing numbers….

With the help of our donors we were able to donate:

• 41 pairs of Scissors
• 44 bottles of Glue
• 46 Coloring Books
• 83 packages of Markers
• 37 packages of Colored Pencils
• 104 packages of Crayons
• 6 large packages of Construction Paper
• 5 Sketchbooks
• 20 packages of Stickers
• 18 Activity Sets
• 29 Paintbrushes
• 2 cases of Chalk
• 11 rolls of Duct Tape
• 30 Paint sets
• 3 packages of Pom-Poms
• 2 packages of Googly-Eyes
• 1 package of Popsicle Sticks
• 1 package of Elastic Cord
• 1 case of Alphabet Beads
• 23 pieces of Craft Felt
• 3 packages of Pipe Cleaners
• 144 tubs of Play Doh
• 1 Doodle Pro
• 3 Fuzzy Posters

For a grand total of…..

661 art & craft items!

Again, thank you so incredibly much to those who donated! We may be the faces who made the final trip to Primary Children’s Hospital, but you are all the ones who deserve to be thanked- you truly touched the lives of so many children for the better!

“Those who bring sunshine into the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves.”

-James Barrie


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