Back in November, we teamed up with South Kearns Elementary School for a Good Deeds Challenge. We gave kids from grades K-6 paper, crayons, feathers, stickers, and glue sticks, and told them to crank their imaginations up to a ten. The results: turkey-hand placemats for patients of Rocky Mountain Care skilled nursing facilities. And they couldn’t have been cuter! When all was said and done, the school made around 300 placements, which we delivered to RMC patients just in time for Thanksgiving dinner.

Among the works of art were these gems, teaching us to be a little kinder, do a little better, and above all believe in ourselves:

To South Kearns Elementary we say THANK YOU! You put the GIVE in Thanksgiving this year and made some lives all the merrier.

If your school wants to give back through a Good Deeds Challenge, we’d love to help! Please visit our website for more details.




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